Devonport Primary School - Moving young minds to higher ground

   Board of Trustees


Beverley Booth
Debbie Thompson     
Staff trustee
Jan 2018Jun 2019
Robin McCoubrey      
Parent trusteeJun 2016Jun 2019
Tom Slade
Parent trusteeJun 2016Jun 2019
Michael Fielding 
Parent trusteeDec 2017Dec 2020
Dee Moran  
Parent trusteeDec 2017Dec 2020

The Board typically meets once a month between February and December.  Meetings are usually at 6.30pm on a Thursday in the staffroom.  The meeting dates are on the school's google calendar.  Meetings are open to the public.  However they are not public meetings where anyone has a right to speak. Speaking rights can be granted by the Board. Some times meetings are closed - usually to discuss personnel matters where privacy issues may arise.






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