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Beverley Booth





M.A. (Primary Education), B.Ed

General Information

I joined the staff of Devonport Primary School in April 2009, fresh from England, where I had been the Headteacher (Principal) of a primary school in my home town of Stockport. I was delighted to be appointed Principal of DPS in 2017. Throughout my career I have taught ages 4 to 16, as well as a period of time university lecturing in primary education and English. I have enjoyed every age group and love working with children.

I strongly believe that school should be a safe and supportive place to learn, a place where it is okay to take a risk and challenge yourself. After all, learning is about becoming able to do new things and we have to step outside our “comfort zones” to do that. I am passionate about the need for children to experience a rich curriculum and am especially keen that everyone has the chance to take part in "hands on" work through our STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) programme. I also believe in the importance of Education Outside the Classroom and I am absolutely thrilled to see our students learning and playing in our new forest playground.

I am married to Ian and we live in Devonport. We have two adult children; Jonathan and Sarah, who both joined us in New Zealand some years ago.

In my spare time I like to walk, swim, chat to my family in England, read and write. In the rest of my spare time (which quite possibly does not actually exist) I am studying for a doctorate in education with a focus on student self-assessment and self-regulation.

18 Kerr Street, Devonport, Auckland ph 09 445 0183 fax 09 445 4083 e