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Netball at Devonport Primary

Years2 and 3 play Fun Ferns netball on a Saturday morning. It may be possible for year 1s to play to make up team numbers. This competition is played at the Navy Sports ground. In 2014 year 2s played at 8.30am and year 3s at 9.15am. Games are 30 minutes long (2x15 minutes).

Year 4 play on a Monday night at the Onewa Netball courts.

Year 5 plays on either a Monday or Wednesday night depending on numbers playing in year 6.

There is also potential for years 4 and 5 to play in a new smaller competition on Saturday morning/early afternoon at Westlake Girls. If this would be your preference please note this below. Our ability to enter teams in each competition is dependent on numbers. This may include year 6s in 2015.

Year6 (this may include some year 5’s depending on numbers) play on a Wednesday night at the Onewa Netball courts.

  • Please consider the season dates and your child’s other commitments when registering.
  • Note that an additional fee may apply if a team requires a coach
  • The competitions are open to boys and girls. There is a restriction on the number of boys allowed in each team.
  • Years 4, 5 and 6 play 40 minute games (4x10 minute quarters).
  • Years 4 and 5 play rotational netball. ALL players rotate at the end of each quarter.
  • Year 6 players’ play in a position assigned to them by their coach. There is no need to rotate each quarter.
  • Practices may be held before or after school and the day depends on the coach.
  • Player fees will be advised. In 2014 fun ferns was $45, Saturday year 4/5 $75, and year 5/6 $88).
  • Uniforms: the user fee included in your player fee covers a netball dress for years 4, 5 and 6 and a skirt for Fun Ferns. Fun Ferns players are required to purchase (if you don’t already have one) a school polo shirt from the office. Navy blue thermal tops may be worn underneath on cold days (no stripes). White sports socks. Trainers (not converse, flat types please). Nails are to be trimmed short and earrings MUST be removed, they may not be taped over.
  • The fee does not include payment for umpires. Payment for umpire is approximately $5 for Fun Ferns and $10 for years 4, 5 and 6. Your team manager will arrange how the umpire will be paid (i.e. a roster for someone each week or collect at the start of the season).
  • Umpires. Please note … The ONLY person who can approach a netball umpire is the team captain, only at ½ time and only to ask for an interpretation of a ruling. At netball North Harbour any concerns with umpiring should be addressed to the control room during the game so they can monitor the situation. Please keep in mind the umpires are generally young and while they will have done an umpiring course they are still learning. Treat them like you would want your daughter treated if she was umpiring … she might be in a couple of ears!
  • Each team needs a coach a manager and an umpire. HELP, PARENTS!! No experience required. Coaching clinics are available as well as cross-training/experience-sharing between teams/coaches/managers. Netball North Harbour run excellent, free coaching courses. I attempt to find and match umpires with teams but if you know of anyone who is keen and qualified please let me know.

(Yr 2 to Yr 6)

Yes, I am keen to play Fun Ferns netball or year 4, 5 and 6 netball

_____Fun Ferns (year 2 and 3) ____Saturday (at Westlake girls)   ____Monday or Wednesday



Date of Birth:                                                     Current school year:                                       Room:

Parent/ Caregivers Name:



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Other Parent/Caregiver:
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Parent Help:

Yes, I can support the team with Coaching_____, Managing_____, Umpiring, Scorekeeping_____,Transport_____, mentoring other coaches, or Assistance at Practice______.

I can’t but I know someone amazing who can: _____________________



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