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Welcome to Miniball / Basketball at Devonport Primary School!


BASKETBALL and MINIBALL INFORMATION (miniball is basketball for years 2,3 and 4 with a lower basket)

- New players are welcome and encouraged to give the game a go!

- We will endeavour to finalize team numbers before the end of February.

- We can only field teams if we have enough players from that year group and if parents are willing to coach and manage the teams.

Here are a few facts about Miniball

  • Year 2, 3 ,4 play at the North Shore Events Centre on Tuesday evening, between 4-7pm:
    • Season 1: First game                      
    • Season 2: First game                      
    • Player Fee/Season                          Will be advised and includes registration, uniform fee, league player membership, and awards contribution. 2014 fee was $88




  • PLEASE NOTE depending on numbers in year 6 some year 5’s may be required to play on a Friday night to make up team numbers.
  • Year 5 play at the YMCA, Akoranga Dr, Northcote on Thursday evenings, between 4-8pm:
    • First game                                          
    • Player Fee/Season                          Will be advised and includes, registration, uniform fee (no membership required), and awards contribution
  • Year 6 and All-Girls teams play at the YMCA Northcote on Friday evenings, between 4-8pm:
    • First game                                          
    • Player Fee/Season                          Same as year 5


  • Please consider the season dates and your child’s other commitments when registering.
  • Note that an additional fee may apply if a team requires a coach
  • The competition is open to boys and girls.
  • Games are 20 minutes long (4x5-min. quarters or 2x10 minute halves)
  • Season one is March to July and Season two is August to November.
  • Practices may be held before or after school and the day depends on the coach.
  • Uniforms: the user fee included in your player fee covers a basketball singlet and school shorts.
  • Each team needs a coach and a manager. HELP, PARENTS!! No experience required. Coaching clinics are available as well as cross-training/experience-sharing between teams/coaches/managers.
  • Miniball/basketball used to be termed a ‘non contact’ sport. It is now termed a ‘non collision sport’. It is a physical game however players should be taught to go for the ball, not the person. Learn and practice the appropriate offensive and defensive skills.
  • At the end of the game line up and shake hands with the other team and the referees.


(Yr 2 to Yr 6)

Yes, I am keen to play Miniball/Basketball (tick one):

_____in Semester One 2014      ____in Semester Two 2014         ____in both Semesters 2014.



Date of Birth:                                                     Current school year:                                       Room:

Parent/ Caregivers Name:



Day Phone:                                         Mobile:                                                Email:

Other Parent/Caregiver:
Day Phone:                                         Mobile:                                                Email:

Parent Help:

Yes, I can support the team with Coaching_____, Managing_____, Scorekeeping_____,Transport_____, mentoring other coaches, or Assistance at Practice______.

I can’t but I know someone amazing who can: _____________________

 I give permission for my son/daughter to play Miniball for Devonport Primary School. I also agree to pay the necessary fees as my child’s contribution to the registration, coaching (as required), uniform, and team awards.

Parent/Caregiver Signature / Date: _____________________________________________________



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