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Per the Devonport Primary School motto, we recognize the need to give children the opportunity to "move" and also acknowledge the role of sports in providing students with valuable learning  experiences and social skill development outside of the classroom. 

       Sports Coordination at Devonport Primary

Nicola Davis is our sports coordinator and can be contacted via the school office (445 0183) or . Nic looks after netball, hockey and basketball. Teams are entered in North Harbour competitions. Practice and games are outside of school hours.

Other sports played in school time are looked after by Anne Keuper.

In February each year you will receive, via school newsletter, information inviting your child to consider joining up to one or more sports teams that participate in weekend & after school competitions.

You will need to:

* pay fees, pay $10 to hire a uniform and pay a $5 prizes charge

* help where you can with team management or coaching

* role model being a good sport from the side line. Spectators should not direct comments to or approach any umpire/referee.

The Sports Co-ordinator will arrange trials (if necessary) to decide teams and coordinate support for the team from parents offers of help. Once the season is up and running team managers are the first point of contact.

Team managers will help by:

* ensuring children know when their practices and games are on

* booking court or hall space for practice with Linda in the office

* being contacted if children are going to be absent

* making rosters as required for team captain, parents to score etc … This will vary depending on the sport.

* ensuring the school fulfils its turn at doing ‘duty’ (netball and hockey), this is generally once a season

* making sure the children are wear the correct uniform

* encouraging Fair Play

If you can coach or manage a school sports team, please contact me. Our school sports teams rely on the dedication of our school community and parents to coach and manage our sports teams.

Team coaches will help by:

* running regular training sessions

* encouraging the team to play to win, try their best and play fair

* return the sports resources at the end of practice


Please be aware that:

- Player fees cannot be refunded after team registration is complete. Fees and uniform allocations are determined based on the number of players signed up.

- When uniforms are issued they must returned in the same condition at the end of the season. Any lost uniforms will be charged for a replacement.

- If you have missed the deadline or have registered only to find a team already complete, please ensure we have your completed registration form and your child will be placed on a waitlist. We will do our best to ensure every child has the opportunity to play.

- Before signing up for a team, ensure your child is committed as to not let team mates down by withdrawing at some point in the season

- Before signing up for a team please ensure that your child does not have another commitment on the same morning/afternoon as the sport being signed up for i.e. if a sport is played Thursday after school this can be any time between 4pm and 7.30pm. The school has no control over how the competitions complete their draws or what time the teams play.

- Where there are enough children signed up for more than one team teams are selected on skill for sports than run graded competitions. Teams are not selected based on friendship groups. Sport is a great opportunity for children to make new friends and widen their group of friends.

Enjoy your SPORT!!

School Holiday Programmes


A multitude of activities are available for your children during the school holidays. Some of these are mentioned on our Website under the specific sports, while other information is found on the specific Websites. Sign up for these programmes is direct with the sporting organisation and not through the school.

- Basketball programmes are available through the YMCA and North Harbour Basketball.

- Netball programmes are available through Netball North Harbour.

- Hockey programmes are available through North Harbour Hockey.

- Skiing is available at SnowPlanet.

- The Millenium offers a program that introduces children to a variety of activities throughout the day.

- KidActive and the YMCA are also popular, as they each offer a wide range of programs -- not only sport-related.

You can be sure there are many more! These programmes are not only social opportunities, but also super for either introducing your child to a new activity, or developing your child's skills.

Enjoy the holidays!


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