Devonport Primary School - Moving young minds to higher ground

Moving Young Minds to Higher Ground

Devonport Primary School


Devonport Primary School is committed to providing a high-quality education for its students. We emphasise the importance of achieving personal standards of excellence in academic, sporting, cultural and recreational activities.               

Devonport Primary is one of the oldest schools in the country, opening in 1870. Since then we have developed a rich history and a proud reputation in the community for providing opportunities for students to experience success both in and beyond the classroom. 

The school combines excellent facilities with a progressive curriculum and high expectations of students in performance and behaviour. 

These values are reflected in the school catch cry..."Moving Young Minds to Higher Ground."

The key features that make Devonport Primary School a success as well as a busy and friendly community are:

  • Well-qualified, enthusiastic teachers and support staff who are committed to helping students reach their potential
  • A comprehensive curriculum programme with a key focus on learning
  • A school environment where students are safe, secure, happy and co-operative
  • Excellent, well-resourced facilities in a setting second to none
  • A student-support system that promotes a safe, caring environment
  • An innovative and effective leadership programme
  • Assessment systems that ensure every student is involved, encouraged and supported to work for success and maximum progress
  • A wide range of co-curricular opportunities

At Devonport Primary School we are proud of what we can offer and what our students achieve.

We invite you to join us.


18 Kerr Street, Devonport, Auckland ph 09 445 0183 fax 09 445 4083 e